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hello, and thanks for checking my website!

you can call be giub, i'm brazilian and i grew up in the 2000s, having many good memories using my family computer back then, to play games and browse the internet. over the last years, i started to miss how things used to be and got scared of how the digital world has drastically changed. then, i found neocities! and i found people that think like i do, and miss the same things that i do too.

i'm really into 90s and 00s stuff, such as music, movies, tv shows, tech and fashion. i'm a electronics engineering student, and in my (little) spare time, i'm doing these things i like. i'm also starting in the retrocomputing community, and probably will post some projects i'm doing.

i'm also becoming more aware of my media consumption, and trying to spend less time on social media and my phone. well, i'm not the best talking about myself, but feel free to message me!

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